We strongly support wildlife conversation. Every trip we do, we will give back to ensure that the tree of life prevails.

Our Partners

As part of our Tiger Trails By Anthony commitment to responsible tourism practices, we are members of the TOFTigers campaign.

TOFTigers is a global travel trade campaign to support wildlife conservation and rewilding in the Indian subcontinent through driving better planned and more sustainable tourism practices. TOFTigers seeks to plan, catalyse and promote best practice nature tourism both inside and outside Protected Areas.

TOFTigers operates the PUG mark (see below), an United Nations recognized Ecofriendly accreditation scheme for wilderness accommodation providers, ensuring the best interests of local communities, the environment and wildlife is incorporated in a provider’s set up and daily operations. We have agreed to use this kitemark as a key element in our choice of accommodation.

TOFTigers also supports a network of Village Wildlife Guardians and works in partnership with others to promote an appreciation of nature and support for wildlife conservation.

For further details or information do visit www.toftigers.org